There was no presale for $BOOST and the fair launch took place on September 5th, 2023

Boost Coin

Boost Coin is the native token of the Boost Ecosystem. It is used to partake in governance and profit sharing, and granting special access or priveledges.

Governance will be done by allowing users of the App to vote on key measures pertaining to Boost, such as future projects, updates, liquidity pools, token listings for the Swap and more.

Profit sharing takes place in serveral ways. Funds collected within the ecosystem will be used to buy $Boost on market, thus increasing the price of $Boost for all holders. All coins purchased with revenue made from the Boost Ecosystem will either be burned or used for community giveaways.

The app will have a monthly fee associated with it (likely around $10-$20).

Swap (when native Liquidity Pools are introduced) will charge a 0.3% fee on all swaps.

Limit Orders will charge a small fee as well TBD


Boost holders will enjoy special perks, such as discounted pricing on all of our tools. The schedule of these will be released at a later date.

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