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I accidentally transferred tokens directly to a pair contract, is there any way I can get them back?

Token pair contracts are ownerless. We have no special control over the pair contracts’ functionality; because of this, any tokens accidentally transferred to the token contract itself are lost forever.

I tried to process a transaction, but the transaction failed and it spent the money I used for gas. Can I get that ethereum back?

Because these fees are paid out directly to Ethereum validators (miners), they are not reversable. It is important to know all of the potential reasons a swap could fail before committing to execute. Errors may occur using the swap for a number of different reasons. To see a list of the most common, go to our BoostSwap page.

I've traded for some tokens but they haven't shown up in my wallet. What do I do?

Please refer to the section: Adding $Boost to your wallet.

Is there a fee to transfer my Boost coins to a different wallet, such as coinbase or a cold storage wallet such as Ledger?

Yes. Sending Boost coin to another wallet will incur a fee on transfer. We do not reccomend such transfers as a result. Using some of our features such as staking, farming, and bridging will be exempt from this fee.


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